LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design
LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design

LIVE MASTERCLASS: The Secrets of Pro Tape Design

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A brand new Masterclass bringing to you all the essentials you ever wanted to know about the art of Tape Designing, which will guide you through the process of creating original and eye-catching designs.

Custom created geometric tape design has become a firmly established and much loved way of elevating old furniture and creating one-of-kind stylish statement Modern Vintage.

There are some fantastic creators out there showcasing this design style, who, along with myself, will share their secrets with you on this Class. 

And you could become one of them! 

There is no one else teaching you exactly how it's done so that you can really master creating your own designs, so come with me on this class and learn from one of the original tape design artists working in the UK today. 

I will be giving you the clear, inside track on getting your designs right first time and cutting out all the pitfalls.  I've made ALL the mistakes, so you don't have to.  (Or if you're making them too, let me help you get past them!) 

This style of working has given me, someone semi-ok at drawing, average at painting and lacking in confidence creatively - who was nonetheless yearning for a more creative life - exactly that. 

It's a whole new way of being able to design that is so utterly satisfying, absorbing, therapeutic and ultimately, very creatively fulfilling.   

I truly believe you can enjoy this art form just like I do, no matter how creative you think you are right now. 

We just need to get you past the 'having to figure it out for yourself bit' so you can get on with creating - and enjoying creating! - your own stylish designs. 

The Masterclass will focus on application methods and design styles for tape designs and the best practice for laying out and painting to ensure to get a super crisp, sharp result. 

You won't just get a view of my style of design, you will also get a you a breakdown of different tape design methods and the ways to lay them out.

It will also discuss the essential prepping and painting techniques that contribute towards the success of your designs.  Finally we'll cover finishes for your designs.

We will focus on furniture, both for wood and painted surfaces in this class.

However, hand-cut and created designs using taping techniques work equally as well for personalising interiors in other ways, such as on walls, fabrics, glass and other homewares. 

The possibilities for your new-found creativity and creating cool, visually exciting and super satisfying designs of your own are endless!  

What will you get from this Masterclass?  

  • You learn about different masking tape design methods from complex to simple you can use to achieve your designs 

  • You'll get valuable tips on how to create and plan your designs 

  • You'll see the different layout sequences and styles being demonstrated up close

  • You get my essential tried-and-tested techniques ensure you get a perfect clean, smooth high quality result when applying and painting your designs - without tape bleed or paint pulling up

  • You'll get to understand the essential prep processes, tools and products that contribute to the best results from your designs

  • You’ll find out the best ways to protect your designs so that you end up with a flawless, long-lasting finish.

  • You will get the chance to ask all your burning questions and design guidance in a in-depth Q&A session with me (you can share your designs with me in advance to get specific application advice as well)

Is this class for you?

This Masterclass is designed to teach you all you need to know about the art of Tape Design.   

We'll cover essential techniques that are required for prepping, painting and finishes but it won't teach actually how to do them.   

So perfect for you Pros and experienced painters!  

But don't worry if you are completely new to Furniture Upcycling.  Take a look at my Cutting Edge Furniture Upcycling Course which will give you everything you need from start-to-finish... literally! 

It includes a good grounding on tape design too to get you started with your first designs.  And then if you want to take your skills further you could choose to take this class alongside it. 

This class is great for: 

  • It’s perfect if you are excited by masking tape design and want to learn to create designs

  • It’s perfect if you really want to learn how to create the technical type of styles of designs I create

  • It's perfect if you feel daunted to get started - come and see how it's done - up close! 

  • It's perfect if you want to learn how to plan your designs and how best to apply them

  • It’s perfect if you are already creating designs with masking tape but perhaps want to take them to the next level in complexity or de-mystify some of the techniques out there so you can achieve them.

  • It's perfect if you want to improve the quality of the finished result you are getting


  • It's also perfect if you want to come and have a lot of fun with masking tape with me!

What the Masterclass includes: 

  • A breakdown of different tape design styles
  • Ways to plan and tackle your design
  • Essential process, tools & products 
  • Up close taping demos
    Covering the main techniques and sequencing from chevrons, to fine line design, to multi-section designs and creating shapes and curves, 
    • Plus: Making it easier hacks for each style 
  • Fixing & Finishes
  • Live Q & A

When is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass followed by a Live Q&A will be held on Thursday 4th February at 8pm UK Time and there will be a second running on Sunday 6th February at 11am UK Time for other time zones to join (you are welcome to join both if you wish!) 

Don’t worry though if you can’t make either of the sessions live as you will always have access to the replay to re-watch whenever you like and the accompanying Class resources. 

You can play them back as many times as you like with no limits on long you can access them for too.   

You can get additional support through the Creative Club on Facebook or if you are a Course member or subscriber you will be able to do that through your access to the Creative Insiders group. 

Why learn from me?

  • I have worked out the best techniques over several years of trial and error myself and I want to help to short cut you past all of that and to get to the good stuff more quickly; to simply enjoy creating designs and the pleasure they can bring to you, and if you are selling your pieces, to your customers too.

  • The workshops are packed with value as I share all my tips, insider info and personally gained experience of creating and selling furniture professionally

  • I have personally struggled with creative confidence and self-belief and can help you to build your confidence in your work and your ability to come up with lovely designs

  • I have to date taught over 800 people through paid classes and courses, as well as working with lots more online via my groups and social media, many of whom have moved on to become Professional Furniture Refinishers and start their own businesses themselves.

  • I am an Associate Member of the House Of Up and an Ambassador for their partnership with the British Institute of Interior Designers so you can be sure of of the quality design work I'm sharing with you.

What people are saying...

"The course has been brilliant from start to finish. You have been so helpful through out and no question was ever a bother to you.  Your tutorials were on point. The online course was a great opportunity for me not living in England to learn from you. Thank you Nicky Cash👏👏👏👏👏"

"Nicky was brilliant!!!! A mine of information on all aspects, learning different techniques, with masking tape blows your mind with the outcome. It was a real fun experience and the time just whizzed by. It was great to see other people’s vision for their pieces and the results. Book on to a workshop you will not be disappointed. A great big thumbs up
👍 from me 😁"

"One of the best courses I’ve taken. 👍🏻😀 Nicky is a very talented lady and a great teacher. There were plenty of tips and of course advice on masking tape design. I could never have turned this out 2 months ago! Can’t wait to get started on another one. Nicky you’ve created a monster 🤣 and genuinely thank you."

If you have any questions please feel free to message me! 

I am looking forward to creating amazing designs with you!

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