ONLINE COURSE: Cutting Edge Furniture Upcycling

ONLINE COURSE: Cutting Edge Furniture Upcycling

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Everything you need to know to create remarkable, unique Modern Vintage furniture from the award-winning Furniture Designer Nicky Cash of Done up North.

Learn the art of cutting edge upcycling from start-to-finish with Nicky on her Online Course.

"Nicky really helped by sharing so many tips and advice to get a great finish, the tools she uses, the techniques, dos and don'ts and was very 'normal'  which made me feel like with practice I could create some gorgeous geometric patterns as well! Nicky was very accessible to us even though we were not in the same country or time zones, the demonstration was great, as were the group chats and Facebook group, I still feel like if I had a question I could message Nicky and she'd have the time for me. "
Hayley Noakes

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me

    I'm looking forward to working with you to create amazing new modern designs together!