GUIDE: The Essential formula creating perfect Tape Designs
GUIDE: The Essential formula creating perfect Tape Designs

GUIDE: The Essential formula creating perfect Tape Designs

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Would you like to learn how to create fabulous masking tape designs, with perfect results; neat edges, no bleed through under the tape and no paint pulling up when you remove it?

This guide will show you how! 

If like me, you love the exciting impact of geometric design along with the endless possibilities to create something really personal to your style and suit the piece perfectly, then don't let the fear of disasters in the process get in your way. 

I have taught hundreds of people how to do masking tape design and so I know the technique is pretty much fool proof.  It never fails to delight people when they see what they have created at the end! 

I truly believe everyone can tap into their inner creativity with this design technique... not to mention that it's just such so satisfying to do too. 

In this guide, I'm sharing the tools and tips I use myself to ensure my designs are crisp, clean and flawless every single time.  

As a bonus you'll also get access to my Handy Process Checker which helps you get your piece ready for the magical art of masking tape design! 

Then you can come and join me in my Facebook Group - Done up North Creative Club where you can get more support, inspiration and share your creations.

If you would like to see a really detailed demonstration as I create an actual design end-to-end and share many more insider tips and tricks as I work, check out my 
In-depth Masking Tape Demo video!

Nicky x


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